Catching Up

Let’s pick up where we left off.

After my “Madonna Reimagined” solo show at Art Elements Asian Gallery in SM Aura in late July 2015, I accepted a friend’s invitation and flew off to Singapore for a 10-day vacation, which happily coincided with their 50th National Day. That trip was a memorable one for two reasons: (1) I gained new good friends and the realization that almost half of the people I hold (and have grown) dear are overseas — an added reason for me to travel frequently, I suppose; and (2) I started working on a collection of pen and ink illustrations, which then developed into a full-blown book.

So later that same year, I launched a colouring art book for adults, named Moon Blossoms — November in Singapore, and December at Art Underground in Manila.

MoonBlossoms_Order(min)teaser_webposter(min)Luckily, it was well-received in both countries. So aside from that and the group exhibitions and commissions, which are essential in keeping my career as a painter, here are the highlights of what I’ve been up to the past couple of years:

  • I’ve collaborated with fellow artists Niccolo Cosme for a photo series he exhibited in 2015, and Feanne for limited edition scarves.

  • Painted the two largest murals I’ve ever done so far.
  • Mounted my dream exhibit last year — well, half of it. It was a concept I had to incubate for 8 long years, and only came to fruition in October 2016. I intend to continue the series some time next year, and maybe produce a limited edition deck of cards comprised of just the Major Arcana to celebrate its completion. (You may view the pieces here.)
  • And just recently, I was fortunate enough to have been represented by the New York International Contemporary Art Society at this year’s Artexpo New York  — a really huge honour and opportunity for me to say the least.

So today, I am currently kept busy (and haggard) by upcoming shows — a solo at Art Elements (SM Aura), FilipinaZ Fair, a group show at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, and ManilArt on October. It’s probably the scorching Manila summer and the accompanying workload that’s keeping me unexcitable at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll come around to it as the dates come closer. My mood may not currently be up to par, but I am very much thankful for the international shows.