All That Jazz

These drawing requests make my 365 Women project much, much more fun and interesting. One day, I’m drawing an androgynous girl in her undies and socks. The next, a belly dancing gypsy, then an extraterrestrial with monstrous Venus Flytraps for pets, then a skull-toting mermaid. Not only do they test my versatility, they also keep my creative juices flowing, so to speak. For today, I drew flappers.

All That Jazz. I used an Art Deco wallpaper reference for the background.

Meryl Bernardo requested for just one, but I drew her two. I put them in a jazz club – one is smoking a cigarette through a long holder, while the other one is drinking wine. I had to look up for a couple of photo references for their headdresses and clothes. Of course, these jazz-loving ladies of the 1920’s won’t be complete without an Art Deco backdrop.