Korean Girl and Russian Spies

Day 11. While I have a queue of drawing requests to fulfill, I just felt like drawing something off the list for that evening. I began sketching a girl mindlessly, her hair entangled on branches of plum blossoms. I drew her a gown with a balloon skirt at first, then decided later on to change the skirt into a chima with floral prints. Her top being converted into a jeogori (a short jacket in Korean traditional clothing) followed suit.

Entangled. A visual concept I plan to develop for a painting.

This sudden change of clothes was partially due to the fact that there were lots of Koreans at the coffee shop we hung out at after the exhibit opening last Saturday. Yes, my drawings do get influenced by my surroundings during the time I’m working on them.

Day 12. If my grandfather was still alive, this is exactly what he would request me to draw — Bond girls. I grew up watching James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Batman films because of him. And that is why this request was such a pleasure to draw.

Bond Girls: Tatiana and Anya.

Ponj didn’t want just one girl; he wanted two. He particularly requested for Agent 007’s sizzling hot leading ladies from “From Russia With Love” and “The Spy Who Loved Me.” Of course I had to look up for a couple of photo references, threw in an Art Nouveau backdrop, and voila! Here’s Tatiana Romanova and Anya Amasova! A quick backgrounder: Tatiana (played by Daniela Bianchi) is a corporal in Soviet Army Intelligence, while Anya (played by Barbara Bach) is a Soviet KGB agent. James Bond loves Russian girls alright!