Project 52: Weeks 4 to 6

Thanks to the northeast monsoon, Manila had a pleasantly cool weather for the rest of January. I was so wrong to think that a cold weather would actually get me to work faster on my paintings as sweltering summers slow me down. On the contrary, I found it very conducive to sleep so I pretty much slacked off. Haha! It gets a bit warmer every passing day now – a sad thing because we, Manila folks, have to start stashing away our coats and jackets. While I’m beginning to miss standing by one of my studio windows wide open – wearing a beanie with a shawl wrapped around my shoulders, nursing a hot mug of coffee – I welcome back sunshine and blue skies as I regain my regular speed and focus. Anyway, my drawing for Week 4 is an ode to the month-long abnormally cold weather we were able to enjoy. And if you assumed I named this after a Passion Pit song of the same title, then you are absolutely right. Yes, the one that starts out with, “Please unicorn, eat tacos with me.”

Week 4: Sleepyhead

Week 4: Sleepyhead

And yes, something has to be drawn in time for the Chinese New Year last week. I knew I had to come up with something related to that. First thing that came to mind was a line from Disney’s “Mulan,” which I and a couple of my friends love to quote whenever having tea. It goes:

Pour the tea. To please your future in-laws, you must demonstrate a sense of dignity… and refinement.

There you have it – a Chinese girl pouring tea. Couldn’t help but doodle in those filigrees coming out from the pot as I was killing time in a coffee shop.

Week 5: Pour the Tea

Week 5: Pour the Tea

The idea for my Week 6 drawing was something requested back in 2012 – a Matryoshka doll. Of course I couldn’t resist throwing in a few flowers, paisley patterns, and a kokoshnik. Right. Now that all six drawings are in, I should be able to post on time starting next week. No promises though.

Week 6: Matryoshka

Week 6: Matryoshka

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