I’ve Got Whozits and Whatzits Galore

As a break from all my painting and travel posts, I’ve decided to come up with a feature on some of my favorite things I collect and adorn my room with. I originally intended to post this last April after spring cleaning one lazy Saturday afternoon, which just goes to show how much more pending updates I have in queue.

An altar of masks: (1) The Venetian Jester and the smaller gatto mask are gifts from Ate Tina and Reyna respectively, while the black, gold, and orange one is something I ordered online from a few years back; (2) Intricate batik masks (A tip if you’re into collecting this sort of mask: They are best bought in Yogyakarta where everything is cheaper than in any other part of Indonesia); (3) Locally-crafted masks from Bacolod (the terracotta ones are handiworks of the late mask-maker/ painter/ sculptor Rex Cuenca), a mask from China given to me by Julie, and a Thai mask I was able to score for a very good price in one of the stalls lining the port for cross-river ferries bound for Wat Arun in Bangkok.
venetianbatik masks

Puppets! I don’t have much, but I am determined to grow my meager collection. As of now, I only have a couple of string puppets from Cambodia (only one of the two is in this photo) and a pair of wayang goleks – Rama and Sita. I regret not having been able to buy a wayang kulit or two as I splurged too much on masks during my last trip to Indonesia.

Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, and by that I mean: (1) Tapestries and wall hangings; (2) Ornate boxes of  all shapes and sizes from different curio shops; (3) A peacock pipe, which was my only purchase from Damnoen Saduak Floating Market; (4) Small brass figurines and paper weights from Cambodia, Nepal, and India; AND (5) A small shoe sculpture by Ferdinand Cacnio – one of my most prized possessions.
photo 1(1) trinkets

My most recent obsession are lanterns, which I kind of hoarded when I visited Hoi An last December, then distributed around certain spots in our house. My aim is to draw inspiration from Cafe Mary Grace’s gorgeous chandelier (refer to the last photo in this post) comprised of numerous lamps and LED lights when I have my room renovated next year.
photo 2 lanterns

And yes, you may follow me on Instagram. It’s open for public consumption; nothing too personal there – just photos of food, places, paintings, illustrations, friends, and random stuff that are meant to somehow document my existence on a weekly basis.

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