February Projects in Retrospect: Postura Project Art Wall & Picket Lines

Dalawang Maria
Watercolor and ink on paper

While most of February was spent preparing for 2 exhibitions (“Women on Women” and “Tattoo My Colors”), I was able to squeeze in a couple of projects sometime towards the end of the month. One of which was an illustration for Postura Project’s Platform Event.

Postura Project is a movement started by four fashionalism advocates, namely Knox Balbastro, Sarah Meier, Arriane Serafico, and David Guison. It aims to inspire and get Filipinos to patronize local brands and to incorporate something Filipino into one’s everyday outfit. And how do they aim to do that? By starting a blog that documented themselves wearing a piece of Filipino fashion for 30 days which went on from mid-February up to the later part of March.

The four Postura fashion advocates posing on the art wall I illustrated (L-R): Arriane Serafico, Knox Balbastro, David Guison, and Sarah Meier.

The Platform Show was the culmination to the 30-day fashion challenge. It was a huge youth culture convention held at the Ronac Art Center last March 18 that showcased the works of young designers, retailers, and entrepreneurs. The art wall I illustrated was put up on that event along with the works of 4 other artists. I was in Jogjakarta at that time, so I unfortunately had to miss out on it.

My design for the art wall was my first foray into fashion illustration, and seeing photos of it made me feel like a proud momma. Plus, it was a refreshing experience to suddenly shift back to watercolor and ink, given that I was working with oil for a couple of months before I accepted the project. It gave me an opportunity to come up with a Filipino-themed piece – something I’m now considering in developing into a series of paintings for a future exhibit. I took “posturang postura,” a local expression used to refer to someone who looks very well dressed, as an inspiration for the concept and translated it into an illustration of two Filipinas, looking poised and regal in traditional gowns.

One other project that kept me busy last February was shooting portraits for Kooky Tuason‘s upcoming coffee table book called Picket Lines. Yep, I got to put my camera into good use again. As much as I want to post samples of my work for the book, I’m not allowed to do that until the book gets launched. But I am, however, allowed to post this:

Model: Roxanne Barcelo
Make-up and Styling: Gab Lopez

Note that this is just a teaser and not the actual photo that was chosen for the book. Anyway, it’s an amazing project I’m really happy to be part of. I worked with a really hardworking all-women crew that managed to make our working environment a fun and healthy one no matter how stressful some days may be.  And most importantly, I got to take portraits of awesome women, all experts in their respective fields. Picket Lines is set to be launched this merry month of May! The sales of which will go to the Women’s Crisis Center.