Flamenco Dancers

So far, I’ve already drawn a belly dancer and an Apsara dancer for this ongoing project. And now for Day 17, I came up with a drawing of three flamenco dancers as requested by Max Guillien. This isn’t my first work with these enchanting Spanish performers as subject matter. The first one I did was in late 2010 for an exhibit at Bacci. It’s a painting of a fan-wielding lady dancer with the ruffles of her extravagant bata de cola forming huge roses.

Spanish Rose (2010). 38.1 cm x 25.4 cm. Watercolor and acrylic on paper.

For this piece, I wanted to draw the 3 ladies dancing at first, but the size of my sketchbook wouldn’t do justice to the image I pictured in my head. I guess I’ll save that one for a large painting instead.

Flamenco Dancers. These three ladies are getting ready for their dance.

No bata de colas forming large blossoms this time, just three Spanish señoritas about to start dancing under the shade of cascading bougainvilleas. It’s sort of a study on their dresses and hair ornaments. One thing I love about this 365 Women Project, is that it gives me a lot of concepts that I could someday develop into series of paintings for future exhibitions. Perhaps dancers as subjects will be one of that.

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