Hardcore Rococo Girls

The type of music I am listening to at the moment I’m drawing greatly influences my work, especially when I’m being spontaneous. So this is the result when they decided to play Baroque music at the coffee shop I, Jooley, and Raymond were hanging out at after Jeet Kune Do class yesterday — Glamorous tattooed ladies in Rococo headpieces and garb. Yes, they did play Baroque music but I decided to go with Rococo because it’s whimsical and I wanted to play around with pastel colours. It’s the late part of the Baroque era anyway.

Therese. Yep, she has a back piece and a really tiny waist.

Charlotte. I had to name her after the French lady character from Samurai Shodown.

I’m translating “Charlotte” into a painting for my upcoming exhibit with Ponj Roco on February. I have 4 more canvases to fill in and she’ll be occupying one of them.

That’s it for Day 4 of my ongoing 365 Project. I’ve already made up for the first four days of the year I’ve missed, and I’ll be producing one work per day from now on. My aim here is that this project shouldn’t take too much of my time, so I allot 2 hours at most for this. There’ll be exceptions though for days when I don’t have my hands full or when I’m bored out of my wits, but expect those to be rare.

I should have named this project 365 Women! I think I’ll be accepting requests of the type of girls you’d like to see me draw from now on. 😉

3 thoughts on “Hardcore Rococo Girls

  1. Well, well. I didn’t know you made such beautiful things, although I know (from Twitter) that you do create masks. I am now tempted to suggest you to draw something like me. But ah! How about an androgynous woman?

    • Thanks! I kind of took a break from painting and illustrating, and focused more on masks and commissioned shoots last year. Hehe.

      Sige. An androgynous woman it is for tomorrow. That would be awesome! I’m almost done with my illustration for today. 😀

      • That is just so awesome. I’m so looking forward to it. 🙂 I’ll come up with crazy wild suggestions again – hope you don’t mind.

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