Gab and Jooley Fan Art

Day 3 of my Project 365. I spent the rest of my evening yesterday sketching with Gab and Jooley at a coffee shop. We’re “Let’s-be-productive buddies” as Gab put it. Haha! Again, I didn’t bother erasing the lines rendered using pencil. I added in quick splashes of colour using Photoshop. Took less than 30 minutes to do the latter, scanning and cleaning included.

Native American Gab. I believe she just might be a chieftain's daughter. Kidding. She's seriously a Dothraki maiden.

Jooley and Peonies. I should've placed lotuses too.

While I prefer sketching from memory as it allows more room for imagination, I have to admit that I did miss having life models to draw. I’ll try working with watercolour pencils some other time.

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