Two Nuns and a Tourism Ad

I studied for 12 years in a Catholic exclusive for girls school run by nuns. During that time, especially when I was in high school, they reprimanded me for the smallest things. Once, I was called to the Student Discipline Officer’s office (Yes, she’s a terrifying nun.) for asking my 1st year HS History teacher too many questions. She thought I was testing her knowledge. Another time, I was ordered to report there once again for playing basketball inside the classroom (I wasn’t! I was simply dribbling the ball). Most of the time, I got in trouble for my skirt’s length that exceeded the 2 inches below the knee standard.

Although I might not have had a good experience with nuns, I never failed to notice how their veils frame their faces beautifully. This explains why I spontaneously drew nuns for the following illustrations. I started drawing a female’s face and instead of giving her a thick mane, I gave her a veil. That’s when I decided to just come up with 2 portraits of nuns. So, on with Day 2 of my 365 Project. My weapon of choice this time was a black 0.5 Dong-A My-Gel pen.

Nun 01. I started working with pencil for this drawing but halfway through, I decided to go with pen.

Nun 02. Again, I didn't bother erasing the pencil parts. I thought it's best that they look sketchy.

Looking at them now, I think nuns would be good subjects for a painting series in the future. I didn’t give them well-thought-of titles because I know this won’t be the last time I’ll be drawing nuns.

In other news, there was a huge commotion yesterday on Twitter and Facebook regarding the Department of Tourism’s new slogan — It’s more fun in the Philippines. Naysayers thought it sucked or that it wasn’t good enough. Someone even dug up a very similar old Switzerland tourism ad just to put it down. Personally, I don’t think it was ripped off from that ad; just total coincidence.

While it might not be the best tourism ad out there, I find it brilliant and effective in that it sparked a lot of creativity and imagination from people who loved and supported it. Texts were added on photos that were intended to justify why it’s more fun in the Philippines. And because I’m all for the said ad, here’s my take on it.

Photo was taken at the MassKara Festival in Bacolod in 2006.

Go ahead and create your own ad in support of DoT’s new Tourism slogan. In case you’re wondering what font they used, it’s Harabara.

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