365 Project: Day 1

I, unfortunately, missed out on James Jean’s talk at CSB yesterday but I still went to the University Mall to hang out with my friend Jooley. She was filling page after page after page of her sketchpad with drawings. Aside from the fact that she really does love to draw (take my word for it and check out her works), she must have found the talk that inspiring or it could also have been her newly bought James Jean art book that has caused her to go on a sketching spree. Or both.

After gorging down a sloppy burger and ordering a tea latte, I found myself asking for one sheet of paper from her sketchpad and deciding to start on a 365 Project. By setting an achievable goal of coming up with a rough pencil sketch or a pen and ink drawing per day, I’m determined to keep this going for the rest of the year. I won’t fail this time (I hope).

Morning Coffee. A couple of courtesans -- lesbian courtesans. And don't ask me how they managed to keep their headpieces on.

Then I asked for another sheet of paper to draw on. I thought it would be good to post 2 sketches for my first day since I missed the first four days of the year. I think I’ll come up with 2 drawings for 3 days more.

Tattooed Faerie. I originally intended for her to be a mermaid. Halfway through, I changed her fish tail into human legs and gave her a pair of flimsy pixie wings.

So that’s it for Day 1. I’ll be bringing along a sketchpad with me wherever I go from now on. If the image/ concept is good enough, I might turn it into a painting or an elaborate pen and ink illustration.

***EDIT (09 January): I found time to ink these 2 to make them consistent with the other drawings. I’m OC like that.

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