The Obligatory First Entry: Return of Autumn

This post marks my reentry to the world of blogging. Right. So this will be my art blog where I’ll post updates, both works completed and in progress, sketches, photos, inspirations, and a bit of my creative process (just whenever I feel like writing about it). I wouldn’t want to bore you; just bombard you with images.

To get things started, here’s a watercolor painting which I think is most apt for this first post. It was a commissioned piece I made in 2010 after a couple of months of hiatus. It’s entitled “Return of Autumn.”

My friend, The Phantom Critic, made a short review on this particular work. Here’s an excerpt:

“The young lady is in awe, fascinated in the same way that we would expect a child to look when they see something new and of great interest. Perhaps her fascination comes out of a new appreciation of life like one would expect would happen after a period of suffering.

Like the butterflies all around her, it is as if she too is undergoing a kind of transformation in her life, as if she is experiencing life anew. She has grown out of her cocoon of suffering and risen more beautiful than before as she prepares to take flight in her new life.”

You may read the full review on his blog.

Hopefully, putting my thoughts into writing and documenting them would get me to produce more works, maybe even triple the number of what I normally come up with within a year.

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